Morocco, or the Kingdom of Morocco, is an Arab country located in the northernmost western part of the continent of Africa, and its capital is Rabat, and Casablanca is its largest city, and its economic capital and the most prominent cities are: Marrakech, Fes, Agadir, Tangier, Morocco overlook on the northern side the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic Ocean on the western side and the Strait of Gibraltar are located in its center, while Algeria is bordered on the eastern side, and on the southern side it is bordered by Mauritania.


About the morocco Country

Name: Kingdom of Morocco
King: Mohmmed 6
Capital city: Rabat
Languages: Arabic and Berber dialects
Currency: Dirham (MAD)

Location of Morocco

Morocco is located in the far northwest of the continent of Africa, bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Algeria, and south to Mauritania.


The area of Morocco

Morocco covers a space of 446.550 km²

The Population of Morocco

The country has 36.03 million people in(2018)


The most important things that characterize Morocco.

Delicious and delicious food:

Moroccan restaurants offer many popular dishes, which are distinguished by their delicious and delicious taste.


Beautiful scenery:

Morocco is rich in attractive and picturesque landscapes, which make it an area that attracts many tourists, whether from inside or outside the country.


Hospitality, generosity, and spontaneity:

Morocco is famous for the goodness of its people and residents, their generosity, and their hospitality to visitors and tourists, which encourages tourists to visit them again, and makes them feel reassured.


Warm climate:

Morocco is characterized by its attractive and beautiful climate, and perhaps the most prominent feature that distinguishes it from other countries is its bright sun in the winter season.


Different cultures:

Morocco has hosted many civilizations and cultures throughout history, which made it a prominent cultural center in the world, and among these cultures: the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Moors, the Vandals, and the Jews.

The Glorious History:

Morocco has been known for its ancient and glorious history, which was the reason for making it a distinguished country in the Arab world.


As Morocco is characterized by its architecture, which appeared in its facilities, buildings, and mosques, it mainly relied on decoration and was also greatly influenced by the Islamic architectural style.


Wonderful beaches:

Morocco was famous for its attractive, clean, and wonderful beaches, which made it a tourist center that many tourists flock to for snorkeling, swimming, and recreation.