The msemen is one of the famous food among the Moroccan people, and it is one of the oldest foods in Morocco, and it is a delicious sweets dish that is classified from Moroccan pastries, but with a distinct flavor and taste. The method of preparing Msemen is easy and simple, as its ingredients are inexpensive and constantly present.


  • five hundred grams of white flour.

  • Two hundred grams of wheat flour.

  • A teaspoon of sugar.

  • Pinch of salt.

  • A teaspoon and a half of instant yeast.

  • Warm water for the dough as needed.

  • A cup of sugar is not used for kneading.

  • One cup of melted butter.

  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla.

How to prepare it.

  • Add in a bowl each of white flour, wheat flour, a small spoon of sugar, a pinch of salt, and instant yeast and gradually pour the warm water with the kneading using the hand, until a soft cohesive dough is formed, wrapped with nylon or placed in a closed bowl, and the dough is left for a quarter of an hour to rest.

  • After the time has passed, the dough is cut into small equal balls, and the cutting is done using the hand and then the balls are also pelleted by hand, and they are arranged in a tray and left for ten minutes to rest again.

  • Put the amount of butter in a skillet, and over low heat, stir with a spoon constantly until it melts completely.

  • The small ball of dough is dipped in the melted butter, then it is rolled out using a rolling pin (the dough rolling stick), and after spreading a quantity of sugar and vanilla on it, the process is repeated with all the balls until the quantity is complete.

  • Lay the rolled dough on top, and it should be dipped in butter and sprinkled with sugar and vanilla, to give the fatten the delicious taste.

  • Turn the oven on to 180 degrees and leave for a few minutes to warm up well; The heat must be distributed over all parts of the oven so as not to spoil the fattening, and this must be followed when preparing any dish of sweets or even any plate of food.

  • Grease a medium-sized tray with oil and place the buttermilk neatly inside it.

  • Put the tray into the oven and leave it for half an hour.

  • Take out the tray, chop the Msemen, spread over plates, and serve hot.