Moroccan couscous its one of the traditional dishes in North African countries (such as Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria), and it is made of corn or wheat flour and is rubbed in the form of small grains that are cooked on steam using special pots called couscous, and its types include sweet and salty couscous and others, and it is also multi-recipes and ingredients, from it It is cooked with meat, vegetables or chicken, and nuts or dried fruits can be added to the dish. Here is the recipe for couscous with green beans, one of the Moroccan cuisine recipes specifically. Easy to prepare and simple ingredients, it is also very useful because the beans contain important nutrients necessary for a healthy body.

In this article, we will talk about ingredients And how to prepare Moroccan couscous.



-1: half a kilo of couscous medium grain.

-2: 500 g frozen green beans. 

-3: A teaspoon of salt to prepare couscous. 

-4: A teaspoon of powdered sugar. 

-5: 125 ml of water. 

-6: 150 g of ghee. 

-7: 3 tablespoons of oil.


How to prepare it

We cook the green beans by placing them in a water bath, where we put the beans in a small bowl and put them over a saucepan filled with water, put it on the stove, cover, and stir from time to time and leave it to simmer on the steam.

Wash the couscous with water and filter it.

In a bowl, put salt, oil, and couscous and stir well.

Put the couscous in the cod (couscous) on top of another saucepan with boiling water, cover, and leave it until the steam starts to rise.

Remove the couscous bowl from the saucepan and pour it into a large, deep bowl and rub it with your hand.

Return the couscous to the couscous, place it over the saucepan and leave it for another ten minutes until it becomes tender.

We lift the bowl again, place it in a large bowl, pour out the water, and stir gently.

Cover the bowl with a piece of cloth and leave it for five minutes to rest.

Return the couscous to the couscous one last time, cover, and leave it until it is completely done.

Take the pot off the fire.

Put the couscous in the serving dish, add the ghee and sugar, stir well, then put the green beans and stir the ingredients again and well.

Now the Moroccan couscous with green beans is ready and serve hot.