The Moroccan city of Marrakech is the first imperial city in the history of Morocco, and the most important city among the cities of the central part of it. also called the red City. That’s because of the red color of its buildings.

The population of Marrakech city


the city has 1.7 million of the population (in 2020).


location of the Marrakech city 


Marrakech has located nearby the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the central region of Morocco.


Marrakech landmarks:

Jemaa El-Fna: 

It’s in the middle of Marrakech city and it considers the most alive place in it he’s the market is filled with different sounds, signals, and smells, And tastes, etc.

Al-Katibah Mosque: 

It’s the oldest of the three minarets in the world, It’s made of red stones like the color of the city also his height reaches 70 meters.

Majorelle Garden: 

This garden contains a group of cacti, pools, as well as several fountains, and more than 15 species of birds can be seen in the garden.


Some Marrakesh facts must be known

-1: Marrakech Qualifies as a popular destination for golf, at present, it has six courses.

-2: It contains the largest market in the country of Morocco

-3: It is famous for the unbridled population of stray cats.

-4: Sweet mint tea is one of the most famous drinks, and as for dishes, Tangia is the most famous dish in Marrakesh.

-5: The city is divided into 2parts, 

     – The old city: called the Medina, and it includes the markets.

     – The modern city: it contains a commercial district and residential areas.