Rabat is one of the most important Moroccan cities at all levels, whether economic, cultural, historical, or even at the level of its strategic location, and it is the focus of tourists’ attention due to the abundance of its beautiful places that bear an old Arab character.

The population of Rabat city


the city has 1.88 million of the population (in 2020).


location of the Rabat city


Rabat is located in the north of Morocco on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, where the mouth of the Bouregreg River and this river is a shallow river not deep as it separates it – the city of Rabat – from the city of Sila.


Rabat landmarks

The Mausoleum of Mohammed 5:

It consists of the tombs of the Moroccan monarch, King Hassan II and Prince Abdullah, and the mausoleum is distinguished by the art of architecture and decorations, especially its roof, which is covered with green tiles.

 Hassan Tower:

It’s one of the monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage classifications and this landmark is one of the landmarks of Islamic Andalusian art.


it’s considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Rabat, and it is a site located on the banks of the Bou Regreg River and consists of a large square and distinctive bathrooms with a circular roof and a temple, and this temple was built in the sixth century BC and this is one of the oldest archaeological monuments in the city of Rabat.

Some Rabat facts must be known. 


-1: The city has reputation for the textile industry, in addition to several monuments in it, and the most important of these landmarks is the presence of the first modern Moroccan university in it.

-2: The economy of the city of Rabat is ranked second in Morocco after Casablanca because it’s based on many industries, the most important of which are textile, iron products, wood, pottery, carpets.

-3: The city of Rabat was founded in the twelfth century, and that is the first of the Almohad sultans Abd al-Ghafir. The city, in addition to building a huge mosque, of which remains at present the prominent tower of Hassan, then Rabat became after the year 1609 AD the place of Andalusian Moroccans who were expelled from Spain to take shelter in it.

-4: The city of Rabat is a good option for short holidays and tourism, as there is a lot of charm, such as the streets decorated with palm trees on the outskirts; The cleanliness and shape of these trees are taken care of greatly, in addition to the relatively quiet traffic and the clean central beach, so it is a good tourist destination and the cost of visiting it is much lower than other major cities.