Moroccan soap is also known as black soap, This is because of its color. It has a brittle texture and soft to the touch, and the secret of this soap lies. Because of the presence of vitamin E, K, A, olive oil, and antioxidants among its components, the history of its manufacture dates back to more than three thousand years ago, and it was first manufactured in the Levant, specifically in Syria, and it was made at that time from olives, And soda, and various vegetables, then this soap was transferred to the countries of the Maghreb to be named after it, and this product was improved by adding perfumes from essential oils, and now it is considered part of the traditional bath in the countries of the Maghreb.


The benefits of Moroccan soap.


Moroccan soap has many benefits


  • It helps in getting rid of meat and dead cells that accumulate in different parts of the skin in particular, and the skin in general, and these meats take the pores as their home, which leads to closing these pores, but this soap opens up these pores thanks to the disposal of these meats.

  • It works to get rid of sebum and deposits that lead to various damage to the skin.

  • It plays an important role in cleansing the skin of impurities in the form of spots or freckles, and this contributes to giving the skin the original color.

  • It can remove fine lines and various wrinkles on the face, especially in the forehead area, thus it gives the face a youthful and fresh complexion.

  • It works to strengthen the weak follicles in the hair and increases the strength of the follicles of medium strength, and it also limits hair loss a lot by strengthening and thickening the hair, and it is considered a treatment to reduce hair breakage that leads to hair that is not strong, and irregular in its growth, and thus It gives the hair vitality and strength, and it gives good results during an average period of three weeks of daily use.

  • This soap can be used for all different types of hair, such as dry and oily, without any damage or complications.

  • It works to properly stimulate and stimulate blood circulation in the body while using it in a hot shower.

  • It is used to heal the cracks on the bottom of the feet, and it gives good softness to the hands and feet.

  • It is considered as a treatment for many skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, and severe itching.

How to use.

It is usually used during the shower by washing the parts of the body with hot water, then applying it to the body by the extremities of the hand, and emptying the pores of the skin to form a thin layer of it, and leaving it on the body for a period of up to five minutes, then it is washed with hot water until the body gets rid of it completely and then using a loofah Bathing, rubbing the skin, and washing it with cold water, to get the most prominent results that we talked about previously.