the Agadir city is overlooking in the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 508 km from the capital Rabat, about 56 meters above sea level, and is considered the capital of the Souss Massa region in western central Morocco


The population of Agadir city


the city has 1 million of the population (in 2020).


location of the Agadir city


Agadir has located on the Atlantic coast it’s at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, north of the mouth of the Souss Valley in the Atlantic Ocean.

Agadir landmarks


Agadir Beach:

It’s one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches. Because it contains many tourist activities that attract many tourists to it, and these activities include: horseback riding, water sports.



Olhao Park:

Also called Lovers Garden, it is a romantic garden that many visitors come to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and to enjoy the picturesque views.



Bird Valley:

It’s a park that specializes and takes care of all kinds of birds and other animals, where many visitors, young and old, come to it, and it provides a lot of information about the birds and animals inside.



Some Agadir facts must be known

-1: Agadir is the best destination when it comes to enjoying the sun and the sea, Agadir has all you need for a great seaside holiday. Agadir is a member of a private club that is part of the world’s most beautiful beach.

-2: Agadir is famous for its desert tours. Desert tours are most enjoyable in Agadir, Marrakesh, and. Also Ouarzazate, Camel rides, horse rides, and Buggies tours in Agadir are the most enjoyable.

-3: The new medina: the new medina was reconstructed from the 1990s onwards by Italian architect Coco Polizzi. Careful urban development, craftsmen, and restaurants. It is an original and bold success, where the Moroccan soul still alive.

-4: Seaside: The seaside coastal road allows you to stroll along with more of the seafront, it’s a great place for a walk. It offers a complete panorama of the whole beach. 

-5:The old kasbah: after Destroyed by the earthquake of 1960, the kasbah no longer has its crenelated ramparts. this elevated site has a complete view of the bay, the port, and the new medina. It is enchanting at sundown when the light is flecked with gold.