Fas city It’s a historical Arab and Islamic city Exist in the Kingdom of Morocco, an ancient city dating back to the year 789 AD it remained a strong, prosperous, and developed city in various fields, whether economic or Scientific or social.


The population of Fas city


the city has 1.224 million of the population (in 2020).


location of the Fas city


The city of Fez is located in the north of Morocco, specifically in the Fez Valley near Cebu Rif, Faraway 206 km from Tangiers, 246 km from Casablanca, 189 km from Rabat, and 387 km from Marrakesh.


Fas landmarks:


The city of Fez is famous for the production of leather as well as for its tanning, and among these traditional tanneries is Shawarara tanneries. And indigo. It is worth noting that pigeon dung is used to soften the leather before starting to dye it.


Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque:

The Al-Qirouin Mosque is located in the Old City and is the second-largest mosque in the country, and the mosque is connected to the oldest university in the world, which is the University of Kairouan, as it dates back to the mid-ninth century, and the mosque’s library is one of the oldest and most important libraries in the world.


Al-Bouanania School: 

It was built during the rule of the Marinids, as it is a historical Islamic college, as this college is a testament to Marinid architecture in Morocco, as its surface is almost entirely covered with decorations, in addition to the presence of stucco and woodcarving works throughout it, as is the case in the courtyard where Precious marble sparkles.

Some Fas facts must be known:

-1: Blida: It is the oldest part of the city, and it currently occupies the part east of the Fez River, and this part is inhabited by nearly 4,000 people. Blida includes many ancient and beautiful buildings in the middle of several squares.

-2: Fez El Bali (Ain Alou): It is the western part of the Fez River, and it occupies an area in the form of hills surrounded by fortified walls with a group of watchtowers and seven main gates. Of the total country total.

-3: Fez al-Jadid or the White City: It is located in a plain on the bank of the Fez River and is considered an isolated area compared to the rest of the city, as it is surrounded by a double wall that protects it from external attacks, and it is divided into three neighborhoods inhabited by approximately 8 thousand people.