Tangia Marrakshia is a Moroccan dish that is prepared in a special clay pot called “Tangia”. The food is prepared in it, then closed and placed in hot ash.
And Tangier Marrakesh is named after the city of Marrakesh, and tourists come to eat Tangia, It’s the most famous dish that the people of Marrakech can offer to their guests.

In this article, we will talk about ingredients And how to prepare the popular Tangia Marrakshia.


ingredients for Tangia Marrakesh with meat

The ingredients consist of a kilogram and a half of meat, half a kilogram of onions, a head of crushed garlic, half a cup of olive oil, and a tablespoon of own margarine.

Also a teaspoon of ginger, a teaspoon of ground saffron, a tablespoon of sweet red pepper, a teaspoon of ground coriander, salt, and half a liter of water.

How to prepare it:

We cut the meat into small pieces and put it in the Tangia, and add the rest of the ingredients from the oil, ghee, crushed garlic, and thinly sliced ​​onions.

As well as coriander, crushed seeds, saffron, ginger, salt, sweet red pepper and half a liter of water, and stir the pot until the elements blend together.

We close the pot tightly with a thick paper with a small hole tied with a fine thread, then put the Tangia in the oven (hot ashes) to cook the tanji.
Enjoy it.