Argan oil is extracted from the beans of the Argan tree, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, and has many benefits such as preventing insulin resistance, and others.


Benefits of Argan Oil for the body:


there are many benefits that Argan oil gives to the body, and the following points explain some of them:


1- It reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by reducing blood pressure and controlling cholesterol.

2- It can prevent cancer, such as prostate cancer. One study showed that components of argan oil slow the growth of prostate cancer cells because it contains antioxidants.

3- It reduces the risk of diabetes.

4- Contributes to the treatment of psoriasis symptoms, such as dry and wrinkled skin, because it contains vitamin E.


Benefits of Argan Oil for skin:

-1 Contributes to smoothing the skin of the body and smoothing the legs.

-2 Works to moisturize the facial skin, and give it freshness.

-3 Works on glowing skin when mixed with foundation.

-4 Helps to delay the appearance of signs of premature aging on the face and get rid of small wrinkles

-5 It works on treating scars and reduces the possibility of infection.


Benefits of argan oil for hair:

1- It helps in controlling frizz and fluffing the hair, because it contains vitamin E, and some fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-9, which helps to make it more smooth.

2- It works to nourish the scalp, which will positively affect hair growth and reduce the possibility of exposure to some diseases, such as dermatitis, hair follicle clogging, or what is called hair follicle clogging, and others.

3- It works to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun, or what is called ultraviolet rays.

4- It helps to get rid of dandruff by massaging the scalp with a little argan oil, using gentle, circular motions 3 times a week.

5- It is used as a natural conditioner for hair.

6- Works to soften hair and increase its consistency.

7- It works to add shine to the hair, and gives the hair a lively and healthy look.